Artist Statement

Food Pyramid!
These 6×6 minis are stacked on the easel and ready for the framer! YUM!

Artists statements are serious. I, like most artists, have thought long and hard about why I do what I do.

I loved, and still love the work I do as a graphic designer. I’ve learned a lot about composition, eye flow, colors. I especially enjoy working with small businesses and non-profits.


When a geographic move forced me to re-examine the physical world around me, I saw beauty in things often unnoticed: a shiny manhole cover, and the wide variety of them; fancy signs for businesses long gone; a child eating an ice cream cone; a woman standing confidently; the way the grass looks against the mountain when you are in a canoe; the quiet feeling you get on a warm day on a lake.

I want to share the beauty I see with you. I love the way other people share their vision of beauty with me. Let’s enjoy the world together!